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Accommodation, food and events

The companies who have been awarded the Green Tourism of Finland GTF® eco-label are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and using modern technologies.

The food services focus on ecologically produced local ingredients and the menu has been designed with regard to the local food culture as well as using nutritious produce.

Experience the nature

These approved programs meet our GTF® eco-label requirements and mostly take place in natural surroundings. The duration of the tours or activities can vary from a few hours to a few days. Services may include the following: Environmental education methods to guide the participants’ values, knowledge, skills and practices of sustainable development.

Wellness and culture programs

Finland’s unique, deeply nature related cultural history is an awesome resource: These GTF® eco-label approved companies offer opportunities for outdoors recreation either in groups, for you alone or for your family and friends.

Wellness facilities include a variety of natural treatments, a wide range of activities for groups as well as a good starting point to work-related well-being and team building.

Closeness to nature, relaxation and rejuvenation for the mind and the body.

Green Tourism of Finland GTF® – Ecolabel

Well-known Finnish sustainable tourism eco-label GTF® quality management system meets stringent international criteria. Eco-labeled companies offer travelers a high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly alternative.

Our eco-label is meant to emphasize the ecological functioning of the service provider, as well as the cultural and social content of their services.

The eco-label distinguishes eco-friendly tourist services from the more conventional ones.

Green Tourism of Finland GTF® both recommends and helps market these companies and their services to travellers.

GTF® eco-label can be awarded to small and medium sized Finnish tourism services providing companies, who meet our criteria.

Green Tourism of Finland GTF®

Anttilantie 7
82380 Tolosenmäki

Puhelin: 040 3221404
Sähköposti: greentourism@greentourism.FI


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YLEISTÄ GREEN TOURISM OF FINLAND®- Ympäristö, Majoitus, kuljetus, luontoelämys, ravintola, hyvinvointi – Google-dokumentit

YLEISTÄ GREEN TOURISM OF FINLAND®- YMPÄRISTÖMERKISTÄ, Majoitus, kuljetus, luontoelämys, ravintola, hyvinvointi – Google-dokumentit.

Green Tourism of Finland® ECO-LABEL  is a network of Finnish companies of nature tourism, who are committed to the principles of the sustainable development. Green Tourism of Finland® – network is a high quality, safe and environmentally friendly option for an environmentally aware traveler.

The nature tourism products are based on the Finnish right of public access to the wilderness and on the ample network of natural parks. The nature tourism products are inspired by the Finnish nature, art, culture and the countryside and produced in ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable way. 

The Green Tourism of Finland® eco-label products include the accommodation, nutrinional, transport and programme services.

Green Tourism of Finland® products are developed for both group and individual travelers travelling in Finland.

More information about the Green Tourism of Finland® network and our nature tourism products is available in the internet and

You can contact directly the individual companies of our network or contact us via email (

In skype we can be reached by the name: green.tourism11.

Green Tourism of Finland® is a registered eco-label in Finland

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